Spilter session

Spilter offers endless options to brainstorm with a group of people and to gather their knowledge and opinions. That can take place at the same time, but it can also take place at different times and locations. Spilter is web-based and can be used worldwide from any workstation. If offers endless possibilities and opportunities.

Decision room

You will proceed through your topic in a single day or day part with Spilter. In this case, all participants are present at the same time and same place. They all have a laptop that is connected to a local server. With this meeting / brainstorming format, the participants will respond to questions, statements and analyses with their keyboard. Everyone responds at the same time. There is no hierarchy or dominance; each opinion counts and it can all be done anonymously. You can generate averages and see where the differences of opinion lie, so that you quickly have useful information from the data that has been collected. This provides more depth to the verbal discussion, guaranteed. In short, it is the ideal meeting environment that enables you to make an effective and efficient, well-founded decision.

If a group meets together in a single room for a Spilter session, the decision room can be set up easily and quickly. The Spilter facilitator will bring along all the necessary equipment.

Spilter online

No time to get together? Do you need to meet with people from other parts of the globe? Do you need to involve a large group of people? Spilter is web-based. Everyone can log in from their own computer. They can all log in at the same time from different locations; or they can log in at different times: all participants can log in when it is convenient to them. In this way, an unlimited number of people can participate in the process, without any additional costs.

Spilter Online is also ideal for conducting surveys.

Combination of Spilter Decision Room and Spilter Online

The power of the Decision Room and the survey. You determine which experts you will invite to each phase and section, and the best format for each of those phases. For example, did someone come up with a new idea in the Decision Room? If so, you can survey this online with a large group of people. Ask them their opinion and what it will take to make the idea successful. After this online assessment, you can categorise the results with a small group, and then you can prioritise it with a large group. All combinations imaginable are possible to come to a well-founded and supported decision.

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