What can Spilter do for you

Spilter will bring more effectiveness and efficiency to your decision making process. You can easily see where differences of opinion are and you will gain useful information from the collected data. You will be able to use this information to review and analyse (interim) results from different angles; Spilter will help you to extract this information flawlessly.

Unobstructed thought processes

Furthermore, Spilter removes practical and psychological obstacles. There is no hierarchy or dominance – each person’s opinion counts. In short: the ideal meeting environment that provides the right atmosphere for unobstructed thought processes and results-oriented meetings.  Meetings can be held with everyone at the same time and place; or they can be held at different times and places. Spilter is web-based, online and can be used all over the world from any workstation. The possibilities are endless.

An overview of all the advantages of Spilter
  • An unlimited number of people can participate in the process, regardless of where they are located and without any extra costs
  • Even sensitive subjects can be discussed thanks to the capability for people to participate anonymously
  • The open and transparent process ensures an extremely high acceptance level of the final results
  • Spilter is very easy to use and supports all common web browsers
  • Everyone participates equally: quiet people and talkative people, bosses and specialists, and everyone in between
  • All information, results and meeting notes are recorded and you can export them to any Microsoft Office program
  • Differences of opinion are visible immediately so that discussions based on the results are meaningful and constructive
  • You can interpret survey results right away and include them in the next step of the process
  • Spilter is easy to use in combination with other meeting or brainstorming techniques
  • All participants can give their opinion, regardless of time, location or position in the hierarchy
  • Spilter supports all methodologies, such as Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard or RISMAN
  • You can make ideas easy to understand through the use of clear graphs and reporting
  • You can link documents, images or video clips to the question, issue or analysis, which will make them visible to each participant right away
  • Spilter can be provided in every language. Standard languages are Dutch and English
  • You will have maximum transparency during each step of the decision making process

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