Risk analysis

Risk analysis is the first step in risk management. It is a method in which you quantify named risks by determining what the probability is that a threat will occur and what the consequences of that threat could be. You map out the threat and determine the probability and the consequence for each threat. In short: risk = probability x consequence.

Risk analysis with Spilter

You can use a risk analysis to better manage risks, to set priorities, to support a decision or to quantify the margins in an estimate or plan. You will be able to use Spilter to easily map out all the risks so that you can allocate them. Furthermore, you can evaluate the risks against multiple criteria.

The advantages of using Spilter when performing a risk analysis:

  • Easy to map out the risks
  • You can allocate risks
  • Management measures can be specified
  • You can evaluate risks against a number of different criteria (multi criteria analysis)
  • Spilter has many graphical options for displaying the risk analysis
  • It is easy to break risks down into categories
  • Risman and other risk methods are supported
  • A full report will be generated at the touch of a button
  • The risk session will progress efficiently and effectively

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