Product details

The facilitator
  • As the facilitator, you can determine the structure of the meeting beforehand. This structure is visible at a glance
  • The right mouse button and the pull down menu allow you to perform all possible actions
  • There is a drag & drop function to quickly copy or move parts of the agenda around
  • The chairman’s laptop can control the laptops of all participants
  • Each meeting has its own dashboard, which contains a clear summary of all session information
  • The meeting is structured around the agenda items. These can be open or closed questions, categories, analyses, but also conclusions or accompanying texts
  • There is a wide variety of analyses, such as a score or multiple choice analysis, categorizing budgets or hours, a multi criteria or risk analysis. All analyses are easy to perform
  • The facilitator can easily add the corresponding agenda item to the structure by filling in the clear, on-screen forms
The participant
  • As a participant, you can participate in a session right away without any instruction
  • Since you can remain anonymous, you can speak your mind and sensitive topics will be easier to discuss
  • Spilter automatically uses the language settings of each participant
  • Spilter provides you with immediate feedback whether you have provided and saved a response
  • You will receive a personal e-mail invitation containing a direct link to the Spilter meeting
  • Real-time, automatically generated graphs and reports display all information in a clear format
  • You can zoom in on the responses so that the underlying relationships are clearly evident
  • All information from the different phases of the process are recorded. You can export them right away to Word, Excel or other data file
  • You can use different types of graphs, which provide a clear understanding of the results

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