Who we are

Canast BV was established in 2002 and is a controlled, growing and dynamic software company that provides products and services to the government, local government agencies, and national and international companies in Europe. Innovation, quality and collaboration are the basic pillars of success for Canast. These principles allow us to develop high-quality software products like Spilter.

What we want

Our mission is to improve and accelerate time consuming processes within organisations by providing appropriate web applications whereby operation simplicity, price/quality ratio and technically very stable solutions are our top priorities. In the Netherlands we are already a product leader in GDS software and we want to achieve that same goal at least in all of Europe.

How we think

We cannot do it alone, therefore we focus on collaboration, because we are convinced that in order to make a real difference, you have to have knowledge and information from many different angles and points of view. Our clients and users, and even our own staff who work with the application every day, are our most valuable sources of information. All their needs and suggestions have been funnelled into  new technologies and innovations and converted into Spilter by our own team of developers. This is the challenge of operational simplicity

How we work

All our employees spend at least 10% of their time researching, evaluating and reviewing new developments.  Are there any technical developments that could improve our products? Are there new capabilities that could improve our work? We always study interesting innovations very closely and we participate in a number of controlled and manageable processes. These processes can lead to technical improvements of existing products, new applications or even a completely new product.

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