Online survey

A survey is a means to conduct a study among a certain group of people. A questionnaire is used for this purpose, which can ask questions based on fact and opinion. The use of online surveys has greatly increased in recent years. This growth continues even now: experts predict that up to fifty percent of all market research will take place online within a few years.

Spilter will make your online survey effective

Spilter is a unique tool that will make your online survey easier and more effective. It is easy to create an online survey. You can even add your own logo. The e-mail notice that you send to the survey recipient will contain a unique link. This link takes each participant to the online survey. They do not need to download any software. You can keep an eye on how the survey is progressing and you can generate a report with analyses and graphs at the touch of a button.

An online survey with Spilter:
  • Easy to create an online survey
  • You can add your own logo
  • Surveys can be distributed via the Spilter server
  • A unique link in the e-mail takes the survey recipient directly to the online survey
  • The e-mail can be personalised for each recipient prior to distribution
  • Participants take the survey online and they do not need to install any software on their computer
  • Surveys can be set up in partial or fully anonymous mode
  • You can keep an eye on the status online
  • Spilter has unlimited options to create groups for more in-depth analyses
  • There is an option to ask registration questions (for example: are you a man/woman, what department do you work in, etc.).  These registration questions can be re-used for more in-depth analyses (for example: do men have a different opinion on this subject than women?).
  • Many types of questions can be used
  • Duplicate responses to open-ended questions can be easily removed
  • Responses can be exported to Excel for further analysis
  • Spilter registers who has and has not responded so that reminders and thank you e-mails can be sent.
  • A report with all analyses and graphs will be generated at the touch of a button
  • Spilter supports all web browsers

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