No matter how large your meeting or conference is, you can count on Spilter to quickly provide feedback from the room. With Spilter’s unique software application, participants can respond immediately to what is happening on the podium by using their smartphone. Gauge opinions, answer questions, vote and actively participate in discussions: you will succeed in reaching all participants and ensuring that all participants are involved in all parts of the event.

The days of casting your vote by holding up a voting sign, filling in a ballot and putting it in a ballot box, and evaluating opinions after the fact are long gone. These days, you can hold a vote or conduct a brainstorming session using a laptop, iPad or smartphone. You can see right away precisely what participants are thinking and what questions they have. Those questions appear on a screen, along with the results of any voting sessions.  This allows you to respond quickly and to keep the conversation going.

Spilter also collects all data during the conference and provides you with a clear report of all the ideas, questions and opinions. In short, you cannot hold an interesting and interactive conference without Spilter!

Spilter: for an inspiring conference with active participants

There are many ways to involve participants in your conference.  But, there is only one system that combines all these different ways into one: Spilter. Spilter is the most user-friendly Group Decision Support System. It is web-based, can be used mobily and it offers numerous possibilities.

The conference

Before your conference even starts, you can use Spilter to easily assess what are on the minds of the participants. What are their needs? What are their expectations for the conference? Spilter visualises that for you so that you can gear your conference towards the needs of the participants.

A number of tools can be used during the conference, such as smartphones, iPads, computers and whiteboards. A few options Spilter can offer during your conference:

  • Ask questions in advance: Hostesses can walk around with iPads during the session and during the break to ask participants for their opinion. Both open-ended questions and statements can be used to which participants can respond.
  • Ask questions to the speaker: Participants type a question, which will then appear on the big screen. The speaker can answer these questions right away. The chairman for the day can also select questions to actively direct the conversation.  All questions are automatically included in the report. Therefore, if there is not enough time to answer all questions, you could always post them on the website afterwards.
  • Assess opinions: Spilter allows you to gauge each participant’s opinion quickly and carefully. Participants indicate what they think about the subject and the results will appear immediately on the screen in the form of clear graphs.
  • Brainstorming: Speakers provide inspiration. Participants can convert this inspiration right away into good ideas.  These ideas are quickly collected and categorised. You can have the participants brainstorm in sub-groups and they can vote on the ideas. This results in a report of the best, most surprising or most feasible ideas, complete with an analysis.
  • Voting: It is easy to hold a vote: You create statements and the participants vote on them right away using their smartphone.  The results are posted immediately to the internet with clear graphs.
After the conference

All information is collected and stored during the conference. Once the conference is over, you will receive a clear report in Word or Excel. All ideas, questions and opinions have all been saved. You can also evaluate the final results online.

In short

An inspiring conference with enthusiastic and active participants, that is what Spilter does for you. Would you like more details? Please contact us for an introductory appointment without any obligation.

Spilter advantages:
  • The session is free of charge for the participants
  • Quickly assess the opinions of all participants
  • Ballot boxes are unnecessary
  • Results and questions posed by participants can be seen on the screen right away
  • Brainstorming is also possible
  • Spilter is compatible with SMS votes
  • Spilter combines tools: from smartphones to iPads and from computers to interactive whiteboards
  • All data are collected and stored
  • You will receive a clear report after the conference is over

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