Management and strategy

Managers spend a lot of time searching for balance. Are we focusing on future growth? Do we need some changes? Should we hire specialists or do we have enough knowledge in house? Looking for the right balance is not easy. Spilter can help.


To determine a strategy you must choose alternatives. A strategy consists of making a choice from alternative main ideas. The decision is a long-term decision, but forms the fundamental basis for the associated short-term decisions you have to make.  When you study your long-term goals and you determine and implement your strategy, you can use a number of different methods such as the  Balanced Scorecard, the strengths-weaknesses analysis, the five competitive forces analysis, SIX Sigma, the BCG matrix and the GE/McKinsey matrix. Whichever method you use, you can always use Spilter as a decision accelerator.

Management and strategy with Spilter:

  • You can involve a large group of people in your decision making process
  • Employees can participate anonymously
  • You can gather and map out strategies and visions easily and quickly
  • You can use Spilter online or you can combine it with Spilter offline
  • Analysis options and strategies can be evaluated against multiple criteria
  • All brainstorming sessions, visions and strategy methods can be used with Spilter
  • Spilter supports the entire process of gathering data through to making a decision
  • You will receive a report  with graphs right away that includes all steps of the process

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