Innovation management

Innovation is necessary in order to continue growing and to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, it is essential for companies to continue innovating and coming up with new ideas. Innovation management requires creativity and knowledge sharing. With Spilter, you will advance through this process in a well-structured and thorough manner in order to achieve fast and clear results.
What is innovation management?
Innovation management is not only about new technologies. It is about adjusting your products or services to meet the (changing) needs of your customer and improving your (internal) processes. Innovation management sees to it that you research and conquer new markets.
Sharing knowledge
Knowledge is often present within your own organisation: your employees and existing customers have this knowledge. Good innovation management is characterised by taking advantage of this available knowledge. With Spilter you can consult with an unlimited number of people and group the ideas together in a simple manner. Thanks to the program’s many analysis options, you can review the information from many different angles.
The advantages of using Spilter for innovation management:
  • Spilter is web-based, which means that innovation management can take place online
  • All ideas from an innovation management session are visible to all participants
  • You can save all ideas and a report will be generated at the click of a mouse
  • The ideas can be easily evaluated by (potential) clients
  • Spilter is well-suited for use with all web browsers

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