Effective meetings

During the meeting, Spilter clearly shows you the relationships among the participants. This ensures that discussions will be held about the intended content and not about irrelevant issues. Spilter also helps to keep the meeting moving at a fast pace. Participants can respond and talk at the same time, whereby Spilter keeps the meeting on track. This allows you to work purposefully towards an established objective.

Wide support

Responses from participants can be processed anonymously. Participants no longer feel they have to give the socially-acceptable answer or to beat about the bush. Differences in opinion are visible right away and, since all participants can respond with their own point of view, you can make well-founded decisions. There is wide support for decisions made this way.

No need to take meeting notes

During the meeting you can include remarks and conclusions that form a part of the report. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to take meeting notes or to draw up conclusions, which results in considerable time savings.  This is how you hold effective meetings with Spilter.

Remote locations

Spilter meetings are effective and offer time savings. For example, you can greatly reduce the number of physical meetings by using Spilter Online. This allows you to hold effective, remote meetings. This is an ideal solution for companies with multiple branches and for decentralised organisations.

Time savings

With Spilter, participants can provide their opinions online prior to the meeting, so that only differences of opinion need to be discussed during the meeting.  This not only saves time, it also ensures that you can get down to business and hold an effective meeting.

All the advantages of Spilter during your meeting:
  • Thanks to Spilter, only the intended topics are discussed during the meeting
  • Differences of opinion are visualised right away
  • Use Spilter Online and you can greatly reduce the number of physical meetings
  • Participants can provide their opinions online prior to the meeting
  • All participants can respond at the same time; that saves time
  • Responses provided by participants can be processed anonymously
  • You can make well-founded decisions that are well-supported
  • You never have to take meeting notes again

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