Friesland Campina

Client: Friesland Campina

In collaboration with: Whitetree

Application: Brainstorming and innovation session

Number of participants: 25

Duration: One day

The challenge

Friesland Campina wanted to brainstorm over a certain product in order to find out whether they could come up with some new innovations for it. They also wanted to know whether they could create new products based on the existing ones or whether there was a better way to improve the production of these products. The company not only wanted to brainstorm internally, but externally as well.

Why did they choose Spilter?

The principle of a Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) session is that you develop something new based on an existing product. This results in a faster process, with a shorter list of more useful ideas, which differs from techniques that purely serve to stimulate creativity. A lot of brainstorming takes place in a SIT session. The advantage of Spilter as opposed to an analogue brainstorming session, is that different perspectives can be reviewed at the same time without that having any adverse effect on depth. Furthermore, all information is available right away in digital format, whereby the results can be processed much more quickly. Therefore, a SIT session with Spilter was the perfect tool for this purpose.

The project

Whitetree employed Spilter for this project. Four angles from the SIT technology were applied: Subtraction and Multiplication, Breaking Symmetry, Attribute Dependency and Task Unification in the production process. The participants looked at the product from these angles and brainstormed solutions.

What did they achieve with Spilter?

In one day, twenty five internal and external people very actively brainstormed about innovations for the product. By the end of the day, they had even had sketches made of four of the innovations by a strip cartoonist, who converted the words into images. This also made the session much more lively.

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