Change process for the Kyrgyzstan education system

Client: European Training Foundation (ETF)

Canast client: CBE Consultants

Application: Strategy session

Number of participants: 15

Duration: One day

Set-up: Meeting room in a U form

Location: European Training Foundation in Milan

The challenge The education system in Kyrgyzstan underwent a change process, in which a number of improvements had to be made. However, all the different stakeholders had their own priorities as far as these improvements were concerned. The challenge was to put together a list of all these priorities.

Why was Spilter chosen for this task? The many points for improvement were all of equal importance in the eyes of the stakeholders. The stakeholders were in many different types of jobs, which meant it was difficult to hold a meeting where everyone was considered equal. However, this group had to make some choices from possible improvements that could have an effect and be implemented in the education system in the short term. Spilter was able to evaluate the opinions of all stakeholders quickly and accurately.

The project By using Spilter, a one day session could be held in Milan where all participants were asked to provide their opinions about all the improvements they wanted to implement. Canast hosted this session together with CBE Consultants. The Russian responses were translated live into English so that they could proceed quickly to a next step. The group made choices based on different types of analyses that showed the issue from many different angles.

What did they achieve with Spilter? Thanks to Spilter, they made a clear choice of subjects that they will pursue in more detail in the short-term in order to achieve the best possible results.

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