Brainstorming is a creativity technique, which can be used quickly to generate new ideas. You can brainstorm alone, but you usually do this as a group. Associations, creative thinking, connections and combinations of different ideas are used during brainstorming to generate new ideas. Brainstorming can also be used for conceptual development.

Effective brainstorming with Spilter

Spilter can always support your brainstorming session no matter which brainstorming technique you use. An advantage is that brainstorming is always about the ideas and never about the people who have proposed these ideas. You can easily sort and assign all ideas from the session into categories. You can also evaluate the ideas based on multiple criteria.

Practical ideas

There are currently hundreds of ways to brainstorm, such as holding a Brown Paper session. Spilter can be used with practically all brainstorming methods. You can brainstorm online, at different locations at the same time, and remotely with fast and clear results. Participants can share remarks and ideas or ask questions during the brainstorming session based on a topic or issue. All ideas are welcome, even ideas that seem strange or those that are less obvious. You do not discuss the ideas that have been presented during this session. Later on, you will rank them and evaluate them for practicality. Since Spilter is web-based, you can request the input from a large group of people. Their ideas are visible to the other participants and can be saved at the click of a mouse in a clear and easy to understand report.

Spilter and tools

Spilter is well-suited for use with touch screens, iPads, interactive whiteboards and smartphones, so that you can count on interaction during the brainstorming session. You can use visual aids, such as video, pictures and supporting documents. Whiteboards, C boards, mood boards and writeable walls and tables can be used. All the data collected with these aids can be entered into Spilter during the brainstorming session.

All the advantages of Spilter while brainstorming
  • You can reach out to a large group of people
  • All ideas are visible to all participants during the brainstorming session
  • Ideas can be saved at the click of a mouse
  • Spilter supports all brainstorming techniques
  • Brainstorming is all about generating ideas, not about the people who propose these ideas
  • Ideas are easy to sort and to categorise
  • All input can be evaluated based on criteria
  • Spilter is well-suited for use with touch screens, iPads, interactive whiteboards and smartphones
  • Spilter can be used in conjunction with other tools

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