Strategic management

Strategic management is the process of discovering, recognising and developing opportunities and options for creating value (for customers) and distributing value (to all persons involved in the organisation) in a methodical manner that can be repeated, so that strategy can be separated from luck (Heene, 1997). In short: strategy focuses on continuity and improvement of the competitive advantage. This requires vision, innovation management and  an enterprising attitude.

Determining strategy

Determining a strategy involves choosing from a number of alternative main ideas. The decision is for a longer term, but it also forms the main starting point for sub-decisions that you have to make in the short-term. When studying your long-term goals and determining and implementing your strategy, you can use a number of different methods. No matter which method you use, you can always use Spilter as a decision accelerator.

Management and strategy with Spilter

As a business owner or manager you have a strategic plan that translates your long-term vision into strategic goals.  Strategy development is actually a continuous process, whereby you regularly review whether the strategic plan is still feasible and whether it can be executed well. It is essential that you involve all your managers and employees in this plan. Spilter provides you with a simple method to ensure that the employees in your organisation can have a say in the decision making process.

Spilter ensures broad support for your decision because many employees can participate in a strategy development brainstorming session. They can even participate anonymously. Furthermore, analysis options and strategies are evaluated against multiple criteria and there is support for the entire process of gathering information up to making a decision.

Strategy development with Spilter:

  • You can involve a large group of people in your decision making process
  • Employees can participate anonymously
  • You can gather and map out strategies and visions easily and quickly
  • You can use Spilter online or you can combine it with Spilter offline
  • Analysis options and strategies can be evaluated against multiple criteria
  • All brainstorming sessions, visions and strategy methods can be used with Spilter
  • Spilter supports the entire process of gathering data through to making a decision
  • You will receive a report  with graphs right away that includes all steps of the process

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