Change management

Change management is generally a form of project management, whereby the purpose of the project is to implement something new.  A change process is usually handled by a project team within the organisation, whereby the people can initiate changes.

Spilter’s role in the change process

Change management that does not take the people in the organisation into account, are often doomed to fail. A change process must have broad support and people inside the organisation must be able to have a say in the changes. If that is not the case, research shows that big changes in the organisation can lead to a lot of employees calling in sick. It is easy for you to involve the employees of your organisation in the decision making process by using Spilter.

Broad support

Spilter ensures broad support, because many employees can participate in a brainstorming session for the change process. Furthermore, results can be assessed objectively, and ideas can be evaluated against multiple criteria, so that you can quickly see whether a change process is feasible. This not only makes change management easier, it also makes it more efficient.

A summary of Change management and Spilter:

  • A large group of employees can participate in a session
  • Spilter provides broad support
  • You can review all input objectively
  • Opinions, suggestions and ideas can be evaluated against multiple criteria
  • Participation can be anonymous, which prevents participants from just providing socially acceptable responses
  • Brianstorming will be about the content and not about the people

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